Who we are

TATTOO Magu has started since 1999 in Osaka, Japan until we closed our studio in Osaka in 2015. Since 2016, we have been working in Zeist, Utrecht state, in Netherland. TATOO Magu provides not only original custom work, but also we work with all styles, like Black and gray, Japanese style, Realistic, Small tattoo, and Lettering tattoo.

The studio is located in Zeist, Utrecht state, in Netherland which has easy access from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag, and other countries in Europe, like Belgium, Germany, and France.
We are fully equipped with private rooms for each customers so that we can provide relaxing space while you get your tattoo.
Also, We take very high control of hygiene management to provide safety services to our customers.
Lastly, we believe the best work is done, when the artist and the customer cooperate with each other from the first meeting to after care. We will make sure to explain the necessarily care, before and after the tattoo work. We appreciate all your understanding and cooperation throughout the process.

Openning Time