TATTOO Magu has a Japanese artist and a Dutch artist. So you can use Japanese, English or Dutch.
  • MAGU
    My name is Magu. I have been working as a tattoist since 1999 started in Osaka, Japan at the age of 21, by self–training. Later, I opened my own studio 'TATTOO Magu' in 2004 in Japan until I closed it in 2015. Since 2016 I have been working in the Netherlands and I am currently running my own shop in Zeist, Utrecht in the Netherlands. Please come and see me if you come to be Utrect area.

    At a young age i was fascinated by the art of drawing, after being introduced to tattooing my new love was born!

    After a few years doing my apprenticeship at Tattoo Bert i've learned all of the basics over there. After they decided to move, i went to work for myself and been a resident artist is a couple of Tattoo shops. My style is meanly Amarican traditional and oldschool ala Sailor Jerry with a twist of Beuk, so bold lines and bright colors.

    Now I'm available at Tattoo MAGU in Zeist, Utrecht.

    So don't hesitate and come over for your personal Tattoo!!

  • RUUD
    My name is Ruud, Born and raised in and around Utrecht. I am a student at Tattoo Magu since the summer of 2016 and I have been drawing and designing for over 10 years. I like all kinds of styles. So come by and I am happy to work with you. Mostly I will do small tattoos and I will help you personally by email, phone and in the studio to get the best designs.