TATTOO Magu has a Japanese artist and a Dutch artist. So you can use Japanese, English or Dutch.
  • MAGU
    My name is Magu. I have been working as a tattoist since 1999 started in Osaka, Japan at the age of 21, by self–training. Later, I opened my own studio 'TATTOO Magu' in 2004 in Japan until I closed it in 2015. Since 2016 I have been working in the Netherlands and I am currently running my own shop in Zeist, Utrecht in the Netherlands. Please come and see me if you come to be Utrect area.
    My name is Caalz, my story is very simple. It all started in 2012 when a young man got addicted to tattooing. He started focussing on the art itself. By means of observing other artist he made the basics his own as such as geometrical and dot work. Besides that he knows how to do many different styles if its a big piece or a small one they are all designed and tattooed with the same ambition.

    At a young age i was fascinated by the art of drawing, after being introduced to tattooing my new love was born!

    After a few years doing my apprenticeship at Tattoo Bert i've learned all of the basics over there. After they decided to move, i went to work for myself and been a resident artist is a couple of Tattoo shops. My style is meanly Amarican traditional and oldschool ala Sailor Jerry with a twist of Beuk, so bold lines and bright colors.

    Now I'm available at Tattoo MAGU in Zeist, Utrecht.

    So don't hesitate and come over for your personal Tattoo!!

  • RUUD
    My name is Ruud, Born and raised in and around Utrecht. I am a student at Tattoo Magu since the summer of 2016 and I have been drawing and designing for over 10 years. I like all kinds of styles. So come by and I am happy to work with you. Mostly I will do small tattoos and I will help you personally by email, phone and in the studio to get the best designs.